Some artists work in charcoal, others watercolor and some use ... foam?

Melannie Aquino works at the Elite Audio Coffee Bar in downtown San Francisco. Like many baristas, she began experimenting with latte art to mix up the grind of pulling shots all day long. “It was pretty primitive, but the customer loved it so much that their reaction stuck with me. After that I was hooked,” Aquino wrote in a post on Medium this week.
The Huffington Post
If there’s one thing San Franciscans love more than artisanal coffee, it’s art. Pair the two together and throw in some childhood nostalgia for good measure — and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

One S.F. barista is tugging at our heartstrings with some pretty impressive masterpieces, ranging from classic ‘90s cartoon characters to modern Minions. Melannie Aquino, who works at Elite Audio Coffee Bar, has been brewing up these artistic gems for the past three years and shows no signs of slowing.
Working with what she cites as a “marriage of the perfect espresso and microfoam in order to get the right contrast and bring out the little details,” Melannie has honed in on her craft [of latte art] for the past three years.
Incredibly talented and they take pride in their pour.
Bon Traveler
Genius concept. Quality coffee front of house and beautifully designed audio products in the back. Plus they have some of the best barista artists in the Bay Area.
— Good Coffee Project, Storehouse
The service is top notch, and the concept literally rocks. Owner Michael Woods has a dream, and he’s making it happen in full surround sound right here on The Sexy Grammarian’s own block.

And although the seating’s not designed for a writer to camp out for hours and write, I found myself doing so because the staff’s so welcoming, the music’s so good, the design’s so beautiful.
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