Questyle CMA800R Current Mode Headphone Amplifier

CMA800R extends Questyle Audio’s outstanding Current Mode Amplification TM technology, providing 0.00038% ultra-low distortion, 650KHz wide frequency, 114dB signal-to-noise ratio. These parameters are far beyond any other existing headphone amplifiers can achieve. CMA800R is the world's first headphone amplifier that supports Mono Full Balance function. 

What is Current Mode Amplification? 

Current Mode Amplification means the amplification is processed in Current version, instead of Voltage version. It’s widely applied in the high-speed communication industry and video processing industry, but Questyle Audio uses its patented technology to apply it into the headphone amplifier. Current Mode Amplification also takes transistors as amplification components, but the amplification circuit loop is very different from that in voltage mode. In the whole closed-loop all the capacitors in between those transistors are working under ultra-low impedance so it can easily achieve large bandwidth and ultra low distortion.