R200 Mono Wireless

Questyle T2 Transmitter + R200 Mono Wireless Amplifier

The T2 Transmitter can receive digital signal (through USB/coaxial/optical inputs) as well as analogue signal (via RCA terminals and converted to digital via the specific ADC circuit). No setup is necessary; easy operation design requires simply plugging in the power cord. The signal transmission is in 24bit/48KHz wireless digital precision. T2 adopts the famous FIFO cache technology and digital PLL technology and reduces jitter to undetectable level so as to ensure a purified high-end sound performance.

The R200 wireless amplifier is a 200W Mono block. It’s also the integration of wireless receiver, DAC and ICEpower amplifier. There is a switch on rear panel, to switch in between left and right channel. Two R200 amplifiers can use the same same T2 Transmitter.

5G wireless system is able to support more audio systems by adding only receiver. One T2 can support more than one receiver so you can add one more receiver to support a second audio system, or a third receiver to support three systems.