Kharma Elegance dB7-S

The Elegance collection is succeeding the very successful Ceramique line of high-end loudspeakers from Kharma. The Ceramique loudspeaker line was introduced in 1998 and the use of Ceramique-based drivers was the reason for naming this series like they did.

All drivers of the Elegance dB7 are significantly improved. The tweeter is now made of pure beryllium, which is the next best material to diamond, and the speaker is equipped with double 7-inch Kharma Composite Driver (KCD), which is based on a new cone technology especially developed by Kharma. The double 7 inch equipment of this new Elegance speaker explains the appropriate name Elegance dB7.


Kharma Elegance dB11-S

In the world of standard dynamic loudspeakers the dB11-S presents a never before achieved level of excellence in performance and design and a synergy in acoustical, electro-mechanical and aesthetic design. Multidisciplinary engineering on avoiding structure born and non-structure born resonances supporting the holy grail of unrevealing complex musical soundscapes and reproducing them, all in a compact nice aesthetic design to bring pleasure for many years to the user.


Manger S1 Speakers

The accurate, innovative and authentic s1 has quickly become The Manger flagship system, boasting a classic and smooth design, excellent production quality and unparalleled audio reproduction. Rounded body corners enhance the circulation of audio waves while the patented, ultrafast sound transducer accurately reproduces subtle musical structures, and built-in woofers generate even the lowest octaves with ease.

Four spikes guarantee a firm stand, giving the 105.7 lbs (48 kg) heavy active system the stability and precision it needs during every performance. Manger has implemented a number of control options that will facilitate the life of music lovers, including various correction filters and control switches as well as a limiter for preventing system overload. The control panel is clearly laid out and self-explanatory, making user manuals dispensable.