Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector On Site

We will be showcasing the Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector in our showroom from Friday, February 20 to Monday, February 23. This impressive projector: 

  • creates a stunning 147-inch 4K image, and sits just seven inches from your wall,
  • has a refined aluminum finish for a luxurious addition to any room, and
  • has a Laser Light Source that provides longer lasting brightness and color accuracy.

Email us for more information. 

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Genesis and Linn at Elite Audio Systems San Francisco |

Genesis and Linn at Elite Audio Systems San Francisco |

How often have you encountered someone reciting your obituary? That's what happened when he of the living dead visited Michael Woods' aesthetically sensational Elite Audio Systems showroom in San Francisco on February 22, only to discover Gary Leonard Koh, CEO of and chief designer for Genesis Advanced Technologies, declaring, "The days when people sat in one sole sweet spot listening to music are over."

Thorens turntables now at Elite


In 1883, Hermann Thorens began manufacturing music boxes in Switzerland.  One-hundred and forty years later, that audio engineering legacy continues.  

Today, the Thorens Company manufactures high-end turntables.  Thorens offers everything from entry level turntables for customers looking to explore or renew an interest in vinyl, to reference level turntables for vinyl devotees. Come demo the two models now on display at Elite: the model TD240-2 fully automatic and the TD309, both with integrated arm and cartridge.